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Giving advisors the freedom they need

At Key Wealth Advisors, we offer an innovative financial advisory and wealth management platform designed to help advisors make the most of their knowledge and act as true fiduciaries for their clients.

If you want the freedom and flexibility to provide clients with the products and services that are best for them, alongside the technological support to provide a responsive and information-rich solution, Key can help.



Independent Platform

At Key, independence sits at the heart of everything we do. But what does independence really mean?

For us, independence means being able to recommend the products and services that you truly believe will be the best option for your clients, rather than those that you are obligated to offer. We know that what’s best for advisors is what’s best for clients too, and that’s why we pride ourselves on offering a platform designed by advisors for advisors.

By putting independence at the centre of our culture and decision-making, we believe we can support RIAs to thrive outside of larger institutions, allowing them to make the most of their knowledge and experience.


Diversified product & service offerings

To achieve our goal of giving our advisors the greatest possible freedom in how they support their clients, we endeavor to provide fully diversified product and service offerings, regardless of supplier. By identifying best-in-class solutions irrespective of affiliation or compensation, we can help our advisors put their clients first.

To this end, we provide a full slate of fully vetted alternatives that enable advisors to be fully responsive to the requirements of the client, offering them exactly what they need, when they need it.


Robust Technology

In a rapidly changing world, we believe that utilizing cutting-edge technological tools is essential. By facilitating flexible and remote business solutions at a global scale, a technological advantage can become a source of major benefit to clients.

At Key, we offer a robust technology stack offering a range of tools drawn from industry-leading providers to support you with everything from portfolio management to financial planning and CRM systems.

All these tools are incorporated into a single, fully integrated platform hosted on a private cloud, putting you in the best possible position to provide a flexible and proactive service for clients.


To make our vision for Key Wealth Advisors a reality, we know that we need advisors who share our mindset and culture. We are not interested in recruiting anyone and everyone – we’re looking to find the right advisor at the right time to support all our stakeholders in achieving their goals.

Joint ownership

Key believes firmly that culture and success should be equally shared and earned

Transitioning support

Moving is never easy, Key is focused on providing the most seamless dedicated support team to help with all transitional matters. 

Bespoke packages

One size and formula does not fit all. Key is nimble and dynamic and often able to provide tailored solutions and compensation packages to meet most advisors needs.

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