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Using our dedicated client center portal, you can access comprehensive and up-to-date information about your investment portfolio, including an in-depth performance summary and income projections. The client center is available 24/7 and provides a consolidated view point of your financial status.

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What is an RIA? RIA stands for Registered Investment Advisor and is used to refer to an investment firm that is Independent. By being independent, an RIA is not obligated to try to sell the products of their firm or employer. Thus, an RIA has the freedom to find the best products to meet your needs.

Who Is Key Wealth? Key Wealth is an independent RIA setup in 2021 by veterans of the finance industry. Key Wealth is being built to provide best in class service and support for advisors so they in turn can provide a "client first" service.

Why choose Key Wealth? At Key, we pride ourselves on offering our clients objectivity, flexibility, experience, and diversity – all stemming from our fundamental commitment to independence. By being independent, Key is able to provide objective financial advice and have full flexibility with regard to how a client works with us. What is more, this objectivity and flexibility are based on the deep and broad experience of our team, which has provided us with the strongest possible understanding of client needs.

Does Key Wealth hold assets in its own account? No. All of our client assets are held with third-party custodians, primarily brokerage firms like Charles Schwab, IBKR and Pershing. We facilitate the account opening process at these firms by providing clients with the necessary paperwork and handling the interaction with the custodian. At no point in this process will you lose ownership of your funds; the account opening process is a movement of money or securities from your existing account(s) to a new account established under your name at Charles Schwab, IBKR and others.

Do I have to give Key Wealth discretion over all of my liquid assets? No. We are a ‘holistic’ wealth manager, meaning that we report on all assets that our clients own regardless of what we have discretion over. It is common for clients to have assets in ‘held away’ accounts such as 401(K) investments, or investments with other investment professionals. We report on all of these assets so that we can base our planning decisions on your entire financial picture while also providing you with a comprehensive and organized monthly statement.

Can Key Wealth Advisors send my assets to a third party without my authorisation? No. We do not have the ability to send funds to third parties without multiple layers of client verification and authorization. Your security is a primary concern

What products does Key offer? For an RIA, the investment universe is virtually unlimited; it is not limited to just one company or mutual fund group. On this basis, Key offers all the traditional products you would expect to find: equities, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, a suite of lending products, and more. Beyond this, Key also provides access to alternatives covering systematic trading strategies, private equity, and digital assets, to help give a wide and diversified range of products. At Key, the advisors have the freedom to find the investment products, or use an investment strategy, that is the best fit for each client.

How does Key charge? If your investments are managed on an ongoing basis, then compensation is based on a sliding fee scale based on Assets Under Management (AUM). At Key we are very transparent about fees and we are obligated to disclose all our sources of compensation. In addition, compensation can be quoted based on an hourly rate or as a set fee for one-time projects. One-time projects include reviews of investment strategies or developing a personal financial plan for your household.

How much do I need to become a client? Key is looking to work with clients that value the need for advice regardless of their account balance. Key is looking for clients to grow and expand their portfolios over time and therefore reserves the right to be flexible when working with clients.

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